Chart FX Lite for .NET

Chart FX Lite for .NET 6.0

It's an extremely versatile charting control that can be deployed
6.0.1551 (See all)

Software FX is offering a free charting solution for Windows Forms created with Visual Studio.Net or C# Builder. With Chart FX Lite for .NET you will be able to integrate basic charting capabilities into your Windows Forms applications. Whether you code in C# or VB.NET, you will find Chart FX Lite for .NET is an extremely versatile charting control that can be deployed.
Chart FX Lite for .NET offers valuable charting functionality, including many features included in full Chart FX versions, such as:
Royalty-Free Distribution
2D & 3D Line
Pie and Area Charts
Gridline & Axis Manipulation
Ability to Pass Data Through the API or DataSets
Customizable Axis Labels
Included Sample Code & Knowledge Base
Easy Data Population through API or Dataset
Scrolling Capability
Forward Code Compatibility for Easy Migration to Other Chart FX Products

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